2 weeks post graft – A Drop Drama!

17 Jul

I can’t believe it’s nearly 2 weeks since the graft!  The weekend was lovely and I felt so so much better than the weekend before.  It’s only when you feel better that you can appreciate it and think how you weren’t feeling great before.  Looking back I was a bit of an emotional wreck the weekend before and was crying for no reason – that was definitely the stress of the op catching up with me, plus a lot of tiredness I think!  This weekend was great though and I managed to have a normal weekend, and went to the pub for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday – things are definitely getting back to normal!  My eye is still a little bloodshot in the corner but other than that its looking good nad  Rich says its less swollen.  I can also by outside now or near to the open windows without glasses on.  On Sunday night I decided to sleep without my eye shield – although Mr Larkin told me last week at follow up I didnt have to wear it anymore I did keep putting it on at night as my eye felt safer with it on as I was worried about knocking it in my sleep.  I’ve slept without it the last 2 nights though and that’s been fine.  I;’ve just realised i never posted a picture of the now un-needed shield so I’ll do that tomorrow as its good to see it – I had imagined it would be much bigger.

Yesterday was all a bit of a drama.  I was in the kitchen when Magnus the puppy came in with my Anti-rejection drugs in his mouth.  He;d managed to swipe them from the table in the living room and had eaten the label and pierced the bottle with his teeth and swallowed the contents.  He was hicupping and had the liquid over his mouth.  I was so panicked, and called the vte straight away.  They got the vet on duty to speak to me but after taking all the details they luckily said he would be ok.  Th problem was then me having no eye drops and at this point being ready for my 2 hourly drop.  I called Mr Larkin’s secreaty but she was out of the office until today, I called Moorfields but they weren’tvery helpful and just said I should call my GP and say I was running out.  I called my local GP in a bit of a panick and they issued me an urgent prescription so everything was luckily fine, but it was a stressful half hour.  The moral of the story is to definitely ask your dr or hospital for a spare bottle of drops incase anything happens to the bottle (And to keep Boxer puppy’s away from the eye drops). 

My eye’s been a little scarcty the last couple of days but I wonder if that’s been due to me doing lots and probably not resting enough!  Today I went into London for a meeting, my eye was fine just a little bit sore when I woke up but it got better as the day went on.  I was fine in the meeting without sunglasses on although I wore them at Oaddington station and on the tube as it was really busy and I was paranoid about being knocked in the eye.  Tomorrow I move to drops every 4 hours instead of every 2 hours which will be nice – Ill keep them locked away from Magnus from now on!

*PS I am writing wihtout any lense in my right eye and I cant seevery well at all so I will spellcheck in the morning, aplogies for any mistakes

4 Responses to “2 weeks post graft – A Drop Drama!”

  1. Shantel April 14, 2014 at 2:51 am #

    Hi dear, I had just had my cornea transplant done on the 9th April. I would like to check with you, how long after the transplant did u managed to see well. I am still unable to see my phone even at such near distance. Is this normal? I’m so worried that my vision does not improve. And yesterday my son threw his lego pc and accidentally hit my transplanted eye, would it be a cause for worry now? Kindly advice.

    • Jackie June 23, 2014 at 8:23 am #

      Hi Shantel,
      I am up to day 6 after my op and I’m still seeing everything very cloudy and blurred. How long did it end up being before you could start to see things more clearly?

      • Shantel March 2, 2016 at 4:41 pm #

        Actually now it’s been close to 2yrs since my transplant and I still have 1 last stitches yet to remove. Vision is still blurry and doc advice is to do a LASIK process after all stitches is remove. Hopefully after that I will be able to have clear vision again.

  2. Raja March 5, 2016 at 4:31 pm #

    Hi my wife had her corneal transplant
    I am worried as this is her 3rd day post op
    And her eye still producing mucus and crusty secretions and she refuses to try to open her eyes unless i encourage her and talk to her in a father-to-his-daughter tone and assure her that it would be better and faster to heal when she opens her eyes because otherwise they would have covered it with a patch.
    What can i tell her to encourage her more ?
    I wish she can see better. And i want to be sure she will. Do you ladies have good results today ?
    Also one time i missed her eye drops as i was taking care of my children and my wife and the house and my work so i slept like dead for 4 hours and she woke me up panicing and shouting at me that i dont care and her pains are all because of me.
    Did i really harm her by missing the drops sometime ? I also want her to sleep well and rest how did you ladies sleep if you have to put an eye drop every two hours?

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