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Over a year post Graft!

15 Jul

Firstly big apologies for the huge amount of time since my last update/blog.  I’ve had a tough year medically (not to do with the transplant) and once my transplant was done and I healed which happened pretty quickly other things took over and I wasnt thinking about my graft – which in a   way in probably a good thing!  I know everyone’s experience is different, but I am very lucky to be able to say looking back a year on the recovery from the op really didn’t take as long as I was expecting it to from some other things I’ve read. 

I am very lucky to be able to say that I have had no rejection episodes.  In the winter I had a horrible cold and bad sinuses which was affecting my eyes (very painful & teary), a trip to eye casualty told me that the graft was fine and it was down to being ill which was a relief – best to get these things checked out though to put your mind at rest.   I am currently not wearing glasses or contact lenses in the left eye as we were waiting for the stitches to come out to fit these.  My operated eye is much less blurry that my KC eye and the different in vision is really noticeable – but by no means is my left eyes vision perfect, but I never expected that. 

I was due to have my stitches removed this week, but I have had to put this back until the new year (stitches can stay in for up to 2 years but normally come out after a year I think).  The reason for this is I am 16 weeks pregnant with a complicated high risk pregnancy and I don’t want any stress of the procedure whilst I am pregnant (I am pretty nervous about having the stitches out and was thinking of having them out under a general anesthetic).  So, until the baby hopefully arrives the stitches will be staying put.  I’ll be going to see Mr Larkin for a check up and to discuss this in the meantime, and hopefully will be fitted with a lenses or glasses to improve sight in the left eye until next year. 

So a year on, I am really pleased that I went ahead with the graft, nothing was as bad as I expected & life has returned to a less blurry normal!  I’ll update again (I promise) after I have my follow-up with Mr Larkin. 

Emma x