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3 weeks post-graft – A&E but all ok

25 Jul

It’s 3 weeks since my transplant.  The last week has generally gone really well, apart from one big drama on Friday night….  Rich and I had taken Magnus for a walk by the river, stopping off for a drink with him at the pub on the way home, later on I was watching TV on the sofa and Magnus came up too.  He accidentally hit me in the grafted eye with his paw.  My eye was streaming and painful.  In the end, after a bit of a panick we decided to go to A&E to get checked out.  It was about 11:30pm so the idea of heading to the hospital at this time wasn’t much fun but I was really worried that I had done some damage and also worried about rejection.  I got to the hospital and went to reception, I’d taken in my paperwork from MoorfieldS so they could see when I’d had the graft and all the other info.  Within about 10 minutes I went into triage and then she took me straight through to the a&e ward where they checked my vision – amazingly I could read the 4th line down on the chart, despite the knock to the eye – Wow!  After seeing the nurse, which was kind of funny as she was asking if before my corneal transplant my vision had been good (I then had to explain that the reason for a corneal transplant is because the vision is not good!), I was told to wait on the ward.  I was then seen by a Dr within 20 minutes who gave me anaesthetic drops in the eye and then looked into the eye and said that although I had had a trauma to the eye from Magnus’s paw the cornea hadn’t been damaged – so so relieved.  He gave me 2 lots of painkillers and said I could go but to go back to the eye hospital on Saturday if I still had pain.  We got home at about 1am and went straight to bed, when I woke up on Saturday everything was fine and I want in pain.  This was really really lucky and it has made me much more cautious not to get knocked by Magnus.


Other than this everything with my eye is really good.  I have driven as I was told by the specialist that my right eye is good enough to drive with.  I’ve not had any pain in the left eye and the blood-shot area is going down (although it did spread more centrally after being knocked by Magnus).  All is really good though and I am loving the sunshine – I wouldn’t have said this straight after the op when I couldn’t have even had the curtains open!