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8 days post graft

12 Jul

Not much has changed in the last couple of days so apologies for the lack of blog yesterday.  I’ve been at home and yesterday and today I’ve started doing some work from home.  This has been fine but it has meant that my eye has been a bit more sore as I’ve been using the eye more.  It’s hard for me to say when people could go back to work after a graft – everyone is different and its hard for me to gauge as I work for myself from home so i’m not out for a full day and in say an office environment or a physically tiring job.  What I would say is that 8 days on I am not napping during the day any more (as I was post op) and I am able to do some work on the computer but I do feel tired and need rests from the screen.

I’ve received some amazing gifts  – a lovely client that I work for gave me an amazing  Swarovski Eye patch with a cooling pad which has been lovely when I am lying resting on the sofa (and looks very glam!).  Another friend gave me a fab girly CD book which is perfect for listening to and switching off.   I’m very lucky!  I’ll post a picture of the eye patch tomorrow as it is completely fabulous and anyone recovering from a corneal transplant should have one!!

I am still wearing my sunglasses when I go out anywhere that I could potentially get knocked into.  Today dog walk was in the pouring rain and I did feel a little bit of an idiot wearing sunglasses but i am still paranoid about getting hit (especially with all the umbrellas out at the moment!).  Also, even though I don’t have to wear the eye shield at night anymore I’m still wearing it to sleep in – my eye is still sore and sensitive and I just feel safer in my sleep with it on = only because I move around a lot in my sleep!  I’ve also realised that some people just Dont Listen, and never will…I told a lady today that I saw walking that I have had a corneal transplant (hence the glasses), she replied that she too had had laser surgery and wasn’t it great.